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Our FIRE ROASTED QUESO will make ya'll feel like you are eatin' queso fireside.  We took everything you loved about our first queso (wicked good taste, fat-free, 10 calories, soy-free, nut-free, cholesterol-free, dairy-free, sugar-free, guilt-free, and artificial-anything-free), and not only made it gluten-free for those who asked, we also added the smoky flavors of fire-roasted tomatoes, chipotle peppers, and new spices. It's so good you'll wanna eat it with a dang spoon.

Ingredients: water, tomatoes, gluten-free rice flour, nutritional yeast, green chiles, gluten-free tapioca flour, chipotle, spices, salt, natural citric acid, natural corn-free xanthan, natural guar powder ALLERGEN-FREE

It's the queso that made us famous. Our ULTIMATE VEGAN QUESO. Described by food writers, critics, tweeters, and bloggers as "amazing", "the best queso ever", "bigtime product find", "my new addiction",  "full of flavor, spice and cheesy goodness" &, our favorite..."the queso that changed my life forever", our little queso literally flew off the shelves as fast as it reached the stores simply from word-of-mouth raving fans.  Men who couldn't pronounce the word "vegan" told us they bought it for its great taste...and the fact that they could eat a whole jar of queso for only 160 calories. Yeah, we like that part too. 

Ingredients: tomatoes, water, nutritional yeast, unbleached flour, green chiles, paprika, salt, garlic, citric acid (a natural preservative), spices

 Ladies and Gentleman....We introduce our toughest act yet...

and the newest member of the Nacho Mom's Food Line..vegan queso, nacho mama's queso..  The one and only truly creamy, spiced-to-perfection, mindblowingly creamy
shelf-stable, all natural,  bean dip!

It's a bean dip/queso fusion, y'all! 
And we can't keep it stocked fast enough!

So what do we call this Wicked Good jar of Black (Bean) Magic?
Why, Voodoo Queso, of course!

and the back of our jar says it all:

Some say our ability to create the "tastiest, all-natural quesos in the world" must be magic.  Well, we at least have to give the universe full-credit for our Voodoo Queso.  We found the only way to create its naturally moonlit hue & mindblowing creamy flavor was to create it exactly at midnight during the 1st full moon of every month while chanting magical incantations & blessings over each kettle 'til sunrise.  This could be coincidence, of course, but we won't take the risk of trying it any other way. When you taste it, you'll see why.
Nacho Mom's Voodoo Queso:
It's Not Your Mom's Queso...It's Wicked Good.

Amazing served with corn chips or layered with our one of our other cheesy tasting quesos, vegan sour cream, quacamole, tomatoes, lettuce, and black olives as a wicked 7 layer dip, or stuff it in a burrito or soft tacos or enchiladas!

Ingredients: tomatoes, water, black beans, nutritional yeast, chipotle, diced green chiles, salt, mustard powder, paprika, natural citric acid, apple cider vinegar, spices,organic lime juice 
NO ALLERGENS                                                              


 "5 out of 5 young chickens agree: All dips should be delicious...and vegan."
-The Nacho Mom's Research and Development Team
 Left to Right: Chef Alana (AKA Nacho Mom), Putti, Boo, Lyric, Tiki  and Feather
(Tiki is our special needs chicken. The vet said to euthenize her when she was born with splayed legs and a bad foot. So, instead, she was brought to us and we created a brace out of a cut up business card and 2 band-aids. Within 3 days she walked totally normal & was healed. Tiki seems to know this and is especially attached.)
Nacho Mom's is proud to own a certified wildlife habitat
and, because few vets are ever taught to heal wildlife or chickens, we do our part, in our spare time, to study, learn, and volunteer.  Tiki is glad we did.
Few know that chickens can be as affectionate and smart as a puppy.
We know and eat accordingly.
Go Vegan.

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